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CLEVER TEAM is an artistic multifunctional unit specialized in working in highly demanding times of economic downturn. It is formed by two polish artists – Radek Hewelt and Filip Szatarski. They were born in the country that was immersed in deep recession governed by communistic regime. Already in their early years they experienced financial and politic crisis. Being exposed to difficult circumstances they developed certain skills that one could call the survival skills. In their artistic practices they follow the punk philosophy DIY – Do It Yourself. This way of making allows them to reduce the costs of production delivering at the same time original and quality “products”.

The team became recognizable because of its particular methodology and working ethics.
Radek and Filip - who perfectly fit in the pathos of Polish workers - are motivated, experienced, skilled and dedicated on their mission of art creation. They offer high quality work performance and productivity in a very competitive price. Their willingness to work overtime, at nights and during bank holidays is very well known. The ability to work in hard conditions and to make their hands dirty marks their incomparable standards in the performance art market.
CLEVER TEAM provides ambitious stage shows. Its members are responsible for all elements of performance production. They build scenography, create light design and original costumes, compose music, perform, sing, dance, act, direct, choreograph, advertise, etc.
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